London Recap: Pret-a-Portea

Well my week in London went in a flash, but we managed to accomplish quite a bit of site seeing, shopping, museums, galleries, research, and entertainment. I’ll recap some of the fashion-oritend highlights on WT over the next few weeks.

I thought I’d start with some shots from Pret-a-Portea since I’d already discussed that I was going in a post prior to the trip.

If you’re going to be in London it really is worth doing. A total highlight. Nearby to Harrods so they make a nice afternoon together.

Not cheap–at about $200USD (for 2 people) but admittedly we went for one of the better champagnes. The environment of the Berkeley hotel is lovely, with the decor a mix of modern and traditional, and purple flowers adding pizzazz.

There are only about 6 tables doing tea, so you need a reservation which you can make online. After you’re seated you’re presented with a darling menu letting you select your tea (from a wide variety) as well as whether you’d like champagne and if so which kind (I tasted all of them and went fruity–one of the best I’ve ever had).

Once you’d got your beverages sorted out they begin to bring you endless trays of sandwiches and then of course the fabulous sweets and small dishes inspired by this year’s runway collections. BTW–those are endless as well, which surprised me. I expected the sandwich refills, but not the adorable little McQueen purses. Hooray! We had numerous little handbags and bikini biscuits.

Everything is served on the most fab Paul Smith china, which we scouted out to buy afterward as we were entranced, but alas, the price was simply prohibitive (aka CRAZY on an academic’s budget). I do adore the Paul Smith stripe though and so the china was one of my fav parts of the whole tea.

Here are a few more shots so you can see the details:

So to top off the day they send you along with a takeaway of some of treats and we could not have been happier. I did walk around with my little paper handbag for a few hours and everyone on the tube and in the stores either thought it was cute, as I saw some eyes straining to read the info on the bag, or, they thought I was a bit hilarious carrying my ‘lil bag. Perfect if you ask me. Highly recommended!

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