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A while back I posted about the idea of WT readers sharing abstracts or ideas they are working on. The notion was that those concepts that had been rejected from conferences or journals, or are still in development could possibly benefit from group discussion as a route to improvement.

I’d like WT to sometimes serve as a community discussion, and yeah I know, everyone is afraid of people taking their ideas, blah blah, but I think we need a little leap of faith here that we’re not all crooks and hacks and instead try to help one another rather that keep everything so close to the chest. Perhaps then some of the material that is a little ground breaking, unusual, off the beaten path, etc. can get into the public sphere and get heard or published, rather than the same old rhetoric that I feel like I’ve read a thousand times.

So, I invite you to use the comments space of this post to include your ideas/abstracts and then comment on one anothers’. I got no response last time, but readership is up so I thought I’d give it another go.

I’m not saying any of us are experts editors, or have the biggest publishing CV’s in town, but I am saying that this could be a good place to have some discussions and help one another out. Especially with ideas that aren’t cut from the usual cloth. I’ve been a part of writing groups in the past and unfortunately my time was so limited that I could not devote to them. But, I think those are a good idea as well and not only would I like to start working in that direction again but perhaps if this takes off we can start a WT writing group. Let’s see if anyone posts a comment first though.

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