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The May issue of Smithsonian Magazine has a good number of interesting articles for historian of dress. First, on page 24, is an indeapth discussion of the spacesuits in the National Air and Space Museum collection (you’ll remember that I did a post on the spacesuit and its influence on mainstream fashion here). The Smithsonian article’s primary focus is Amanda Young, and her care of the 220 garments related to NASA’s exploration of space. Young is also the author of a new book out called Spacesuits: Within the Collections of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Also in this issue is a recap article on the 20th Anniversary of their ongoing column “Object at Hand,” which often features an historical garment. This overview article includes images and discussion of a number of objects (including Amelia Earhart’s aviator coat c. 1930, and Jerry Seinfeld’s pirate shirt from 1993). The online and interactive version of this article features a good many more objects of interest to WT viewers, including historical discussions. Check it out here.  (There are even video components like the one here)

Finally, this issue includes a discussion and photo essay related to a new book about 1930s photographer Edward Steichen, Edward Steichen: In High Fashion – The Conde Nast Years, 1923-1937. An accompanying exhibit was on view at the International Center of Photography in New York through May 3.

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