San Francisco Vintage Fashion Expo

In March, I had the privilege of going to the Vintage Fashion Expo held at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center. The Expo is an event that happens five times a year, alternating venues between San Francisco (twice a year) and Santa Monica (three times a year). Around 90 exhibitors come to sell their vintage fashion (dating to between 1850-1980), from eight to ten states. I didn’t think I’d be there longer than 3 hours, but it quickly turned into an all day treasure hunt.

Original Sin, San Francisco CA

The historical clothing featured really did cover all years up to the present (not just 1980), and had a surprising number of older pieces too (though of course my interest veered towards the 1920s, 1930s, and couture labels). One of my favorites, was Anna Newman Vintage Clothing.

Discover Yesterday, Benicia, CA

Jennifer Osner Antiques, Daily City, CA

A Courreges for Bonwit Tewller at the expo

A 1950s gown from Pierre Balmain

Accessories were plentiful and included a large number of hats, shoes, coats, jewelry, and even mens collars from the teens and twenties. A good number of dealers specialized in men’s vintage suits or 30s chiffon or 20s beaded dresses.

An added bonus, was that many of the folks attending the expo dressed in historic or vintage items. My favorite was this fellow (a member of the Art Deco Society). I could have sworn he was actually William Powell:

Along with my photos of the March expo, here’s a video of a previous year in Santa Monica:

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The Expo schedule for the remainder of the year is:

April 25-26, 2009: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

September 25-26: San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center

October 17-18: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

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