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I’m just curious if anyone wants to comment on the funding at their schools for things like graduate assistantships, internal grants, travel allotments, etc. ???

At my school there were a bunch of new hires this past year, but that was just before the economic hurricane and for this upcoming year I know there is less money in the graduate assistantship pot for example. I’m curious what’s up with general funding issues for different schools and how it has been effected by the economy in apparel departments?

I am only clued into some of this as a PhD student. There are some things I’m privey to and other things they keep very quiet in administation. There were lots of discussions about the economy changed graduate assistantships, and that does seem to be the case.

I have had full funding for three years, but after that my department says it is optional to futher support you, even though most people take 4 years to graduate. I’m not complaining (much), but it’s tricky. (Especially curious since this is only a department thing, as friends at the same university but different departments have 5 year funding).

That, combined with the fallout from the economy means that I was offered a reduced assistantship for the fall and nothing for the spring (so far-this might change as people accept and reject offers and they go in the pot for seconds).

I understand the balance of new student recruitment being directly tied to offering them assistantships, but I am somewhat concerned as many of my friends and I have been offered anywhere from none to reduced amounts and we are the current students. Thus, I am hugely flattered that I did receive a decent assistantship for this upcoming fall since I know a lot of people didn’t receive offers.

So, I’m also curious of the practices at schools regarding enticing new students or new professors versus what they’re like down the road. I have been told to negotiate for the world early on because it’ll pretty much be your only chance to get most of the things you want…

So this is mainly a curiosity post to check out what is happening elsewhere, and isn’t meant to cause a big ruckus. Just to see how different apparel programs strategize funding and how it has been complicated by the rough economy.

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  • Lauren April 22, 2009 12.22 pm

    Well, at my institution, a junior college, we are seeing cutbacks because a large part of our budget comes from the state, which is facing a deficit. This means that, as an adjunct instructor, I may not have funding to attend ITAA this fall and did not request funding to attend CSA next month. That kind of funding may be in the budget for full-time faculty, but I don’t know for certain, since I’m not one of those.

    Since we are not funded for research, and have no expectations for research, that is not a factor in our budgets.

    Another change I have heard about is that we are being asked to reduce the number of adjunct instructors we have, and offer less sections of some courses (two, instead of three, for example).

    As far as enticing new instructors, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’ve applied for our vacant full-time position. If I make it to the interview stage in the selection process, maybe I’ll have something to share about enticements.


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