On Teaching Fashion: Fashion Blogs in the Classroom

Two of a fashion instructor’s best resources for the popular fashion zeitgeist are the popular press and street style.  Even better than the two sources taken separately, are the two when they are combined into one forum.  Voilà, the fashion blog.  

Since you have found this article, you probably already know the definition of the word blog.  Fashion blogs can range from the scholarly (such as this one), to up-to-the-minute runway reports, to street style, and beyond.  Because blogs are often self-published, their authors write on anything that strikes their fancy (or fancies).  Fashion blogs, in particular, are no different. 

Here some of my current favorites that I enjoy sharing in my classroom:

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman’s blog, The Sartorialist, features high quality photos of international big-city street style.  Schuman, who is based in New York, travels to fashion weeks in Stockholm, New York, London, Milan and Paris and photographs inspiring and unique individuals on the street.  

Garance Doré:  Une Fille Comme Moi

French fashion illustrator and photographer Garance Doré photographs fashion week street style in a way similar to The Sartorialist, however she also posts some of her illustrations and maintains a French perspective throughout.  She writes in French and posts an English translation of her blog. 

Mrs O:  Fashion and Style

Mrs. O is dedicated to following the fashion of First Lady Michelle Obama, providing fashion commentary and information.


The Fashion-y Blog:  Musings of a Teenage Fashion Addict

Written by nineteen-year-old Kori Perten, The Fashion-y Blog is exactly what the title describes:  Musings of a Teenage Fashion Addict.  Well-written and a delight to read.


A Dress a Day

For a discussion of wearing and collecting vintage dresses, and making new ones from vintage patterns, visit lexicographer Erin McKean’s A Dress a Day.  In my opinion, this blog is written with both a sense of humor and practicality, because what could be more fun and practical than wearing amusing second-hand clothing and making your own retro-inspired dresses?

Monterey, California Street Style

Monterey, California Street Style

Monterey Street Style

I have recently started a Monterey, California street style blog called Monterey Street Style, inspired by The Sartorialist, naturally.  

Do you use blogs in your classroom?  How do you feel about students citing blogs in their assignments?  

If you are not a professor or instructor, in addition to Worn Through, what are your favorite fashion blogs? 

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  • Kori August 10, 2011 12.59 pm

    I noticed this post ages ago (we’re talking years), but I never got a chance to thank you for the very kind mention! Ah well, better late than never…thank you!


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