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The new issue of the Journal of American Culture (Volume 32, Issue 1, 2009) is a fashion focused publication, overseen by Guest Edited by Judy K. Miler and Joseph Hancock. Admittedly, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion as the March issue contains my article “Icon: Tracing the Path of the 1950s Shirtwaist Dress.” (One quick note – you may need to access these articles online via a subscription to the publication).

There are a total of five fashion articles in this special issue, and in their introduction to the issue, the guest editors note:

“Fashion is also a phenomenon that exemplifies the diversity in American culture. It is dependent on time and place and commonly defined as the prevailing style at a given point. While the media continually paint fashion to be a product for the wealthy or elite through such media outlets as Style Network, it is everyday mass fashion that is bought more frequently by individuals for personal consumption. Basic items such as T-shirts, denim, khaki pants, polo shirts, sweaters, baseball caps have aided in such innovative looks ranging from the historical punk or preppy, to hip-hop or today’s new youth culture looks such as reggaetón that have been created in America. These people are the ones who make “fashion” by recontextualizing styles or adopting those created for them by apparel manufacturers and designers.

Average people not directly related to or knowingly disassociated with the fashion industry often overlook the part they truly play, as well as the ramifications of apparel and adornment in their world. This journal issue speaks to the influence fashion has on people’s lives and the role it holds in American culture, one characterized by a diverse population often regarded as the melting pot of the world. The nation’s fashion and styles are often a fusing of multicultural attitudes, interests, opinions, and expressions of the many ethnicities in American society.”

The other articles in the issue are:

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  • Kendra Van Cleave March 18, 2009 12.56 pm

    Yay! Thanks for the promo. Heather, I really enjoyed your article, btw!

  • Heather Vaughan March 18, 2009 06.21 pm

    Sure thing Kendra – feel free to keep me posted on what you’re up to!

  • Joseph Hancock April 13, 2009 04.40 pm

    Thanks Heather!!!! I really appreciate the promo. BTW, PCA/ACA really liked the issue!

    Joe 🙂

  • Heather Vaughan April 13, 2009 04.59 pm

    Glad to hear it Joe! and thanks for adding the comment. Feel free to keep me posted on your activities as well.



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