London in May

Harlo and I are off to London in early May for a week to site-see, do some research for my book/dissertation, and see The Specials reunion concert.

We’ve never been before (which somehow now seems almost shocking) and so any tips anyone has are greatly appreciated. We’ve got a list a mile long of things we want to do, but I’m ALWAYS wanting more suggestions and especially when it comes to my research. The V&A didn’t work out as they need about 6 months notice, but I’ll still see what’s on their permanent display. The Museum of London is letting me see some of their punk collection. I’ve got a few friends and friends of friends who I’ll interview/hang with, we’ll go to Camdem Market, some art galleries and music venues, and lots more! But, please do send along your thoughts….

I’m really torn about taking one day away form London and heading to Brighton to see their museum’s collection of punk stuff but it’d be a sacrifice of prescious time in London and our endless list of must-dos.

I’ve been writing a few people/places and oddly they don’t seem to be getting back. I’m sort of bummed on the slow reply and crosisng my fingers the emails will arrive any day now to book a few more appointments. Now of course, I’d love to just spend the whole time site-seeing, but, it seems a waste to not do at least a little research every day. Although I guess inherently a lot of the things we’d do will take us toward some awesome art/punk directions.

Oh and did I tell you we’re seeing the double whammy of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in Waiting for Godot! Judi Dench and Mr Bean are also in plays at that time. Sort of blew our minds. Terry Hall and Gandalf in one trip! (Morrissey is playing too but I’m seeing him just a few weeks before here in MPLS for my birthday. Otherwise that’d be a perfectly British thing to do of course.)

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