ITAA Special Topics on Blogging/Internet?

International Textile and Apparel Association
Special Topics Sessions
Due Date: March 15

I’m considering putting together a special topics session to submit to ITAA about fashion blogging, use of the Internet for the classroom, and related subjects.

I would need to do it as a team though. Is anyone interested in doing this with me?

Perhaps you use Facebook to reach your students? Do you think it’s ok for students to cite blogs for their term papers? Do you have a fashion blog and it’s relevant to your research? Etc. Etc.

Drop me line ASAP if you’re into this as the due date is next week. If I cannot get a group together I’m just going to skip it.

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  • Lauren March 10, 2009 09.22 pm


    If it’s not too late, I’m definitely interested!

  • Francesca March 11, 2009 06.35 pm

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go, otherwise I would have loved to participate. Good luck with your panel/session!

  • Ellen March 12, 2009 06.26 am

    Great idea!


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