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The Society: The Society of Scholars in the Humanities is a new initiative launched this year by the University of Hong Kong, one of the leading research institutions in the region. The purpose of the society is to provide exceptionally talented scholars at the beginning of their careers an opportunity to pursue their research free from any formal requirements. The Society is designed to encourage critical, innovative and creative thought both within and between the disciplines by fostering interaction among the scholars of the Society and members of the University. What distinguishes this Society from its counterparts elsewhere is its location at the East-West gateway of Hong Kong. By drawing in scholars from around the world to this dynamic centre, it is hoped that the Society will bring a sense of cultural vibrancy to its research and contribute to the intellectual climate of this pivotal region.

Scholars are free to conduct their own research and must, therefore, work independently. At the same time, this sense of independence is complimented by the collegial nature of the Society. It is hoped that new ideas will arise as Scholars gather together as a ‘creative cluster’ through their social and intellectual interaction. To facilitate such activities, Scholars of the Society are housed in Robert Black College and are expected to attend meals and other functions organized by Senior Scholars, who are lecturers in the Faculty of Arts, under the direction of the Head of the School of Humanities, Prof. Daniel K. L. Chua. In order to integrate the Society within the University, each scholar will also be a member of their disciplinary Department and is expected to participate in its research and teaching activities.

Apart from engaging in research, Scholars will teach one course per year, interact with staff and students, present their research in colloquia and conferences, and to organize the Society of Scholars’ Lecture Series. All Scholars are expected to be resident in Hong Kong during the teaching semesters and may carry out research abroad for up to 100 days a year.

Scholarships: Each Scholarship is for two years and is non-renewable. Applicants are invited from all educational institutions across the world, including those in Hong Kong. The Scholarships are intended for researchers early in their careers to conduct innovative research. Candidates are expected to be either graduate students in the final stages of their PhD, or researchers who have been awarded their PhD Degree not more than two years from the date of application. The scholarships are not intended for students who wish to write up their theses. Scholars who have not yet completed their PhDs are expected to submit their theses by end of the first semester in order to devote the remaining time to new research.

There are seven scholarships, each in a different discipline. To launch the scheme, there will be three Scholarships in 2009 and four in 2010 so that by the second year there will be a total of seven scholars in residence. For 2009 only, an open competition will be held for candidates working in all the disciplinary areas of the Society: Art History, Comparative Literature (including Film Studies), English Literature, Linguistics, History, Music, and Philosophy.

Scholars will be provided free accommodation and breakfast at Robert Black College, departmental office space, one return airfare per year, a research grant of up to $15,000 HKD a year, and a stipend of $23,000 HKD per month (Scholars who have not yet been awarded their PhD will receive a salary of $19, 000 per month). Note: At current rates, salaries tax does not exceed 15% of gross income.

Applications: The application form can be downloaded (click here). This form, along with a short CV, a research proposal (max. 1500 words) and two referees’ reports must be received by the School of Humanities by April, 17 2009. Each reference must be in an envelope signed by the referee over the seal with the seal secured by transparent tape. Candidates should send the complete package to:

The Secretary of the Society of Scholars
School of Humanities Office
The University of Hong Kong
Room 256, Main Building
Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong

Notification: A shortlist will be drawn up by 4 May, 2009. Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit one piece of research of not more than 20,000 words in both hard copy and electronic format to the School of Humanities Office (address above). There are no interviews. Successful applicants will be notified no later than 30 June 2009. All Scholarships begin on 1 September 2009.

Contact details:
Ms. Vivian Chu, The Secretary of the Society of Scholars, can be contacted via
Email: scholars@hku.hk
Fax: (+852) 2241-5969
Telephone: (+852) 2219-4189

The University of Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong, founded in 1911, is the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong, and is now a leading research and teaching institution in the region. It is the premier English speaking University in China, and so, like Hong Kong itself, is positioned as an East-West gateway that enables it to extend its activities internationally. The University has attracted distinguished academics from all over the world and about 45% of academic staff are from overseas. The Society of Scholars forms part of this cosmopolitan environment and represents the University’s commitment to cutting-edge research in the humanities.

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