Vintage Race Cars and Fashion

Harlo’s site, The Chicane, has been racking up quite a few posts related to dress so I thought I’d send you his way to check them out. Vintage race cars and fashion–sexy stuff! If you read The Chicane or follow vintage racing you of course know how much emphasis there is on the soul of the design and its relationship to the drivers and the spectators. These posts take that in a related direction, highlighting those design elements and using them in the world of fashion for enjoyment off the track. There is also a piece on a landmark figure in the world of racing and his contribution to design.

Learn about Stirling Moss who is an unusual kind of style icon.

These spendy but snazzy bags are inspired by race teams.

Check out a new series of garments and accessories that evoke the history of Shell’s racing.

You might like these cufflinks and accessories made of vintage car parts that are much more affordable than the when all the pieces are bolted together!

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  • Ellen February 02, 2009 06.29 am

    On a related note . . . have you ever been to a new / concept car show? Its amazing how the ensembles of the women “modeling” the cars are designed to relate to their vehicles. At the 2008 DFW show, some were very directly derived–such as the large red circle on a black dress–mimicking the signature circular taillight of the much-anticipated Nissan GTR (Skyline). Others were more aspirational–pale gold pant suits at BMW.

    On the flip side, appearance of owners of cars at the vintage muscle car show seem to bear little relationship to their vehicles. Maybe the relationship is more subtle . . .


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