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I’ve been writing fairly regularly on my endeavor into using a lot of films in my lecture course on an overview of fashion combined with ethics. Here are my latest developments.

“Scratch the Surface” was awful and totally dated. The black and white was probably in an effort to make it look timeless yet oddly it made it look even more stuck in a previous era of inexpensive documentary videos. I skimmed through the whole thing looking for valuable content for my students (or myself) and although it was a sort of treat to see Phoebe Cates and other 80s celebs talking modeling details it was mostly useless. Sort of like a diary of the model at the center of it, and although I respect her desires to try to break down the walls of the modeling world, it didn’t really work and was more of an exercise in journaling. Hence, I didn’t show it.

“Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton” has a sightly weird, overly intimate sense of humor coming from the narrator, but is fun and lively, and has good basic insight into the marketing and branding machine that is a major house (Vuitton), particularly with its comparisons to Jacobs’ smaller house. We’re all familiar with (and love) Jacobs and he is a treat to watch at work, in what this French TV show claims is the first complete view into his working world. Also, it is in English, which is helpful for the students, especially at 8:30am. I plan on showing my students the first 25 minutes which pretty much gets through the history and the primary issues of brand development and marketing, and then we’ll discuss it. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I’ve only got about 4 films left in my Netflix queue. Any suggestions?

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