FIT Subculture and Style Symposium

I just wanted to check again and see if any of WT‘s readers will be attending FIT’s subculture symposium this week? Here is a PDf of the speakers. It is quite an impressive list and I believe it’ll be a rewarding opportunity to hear these scholars discuss their areas of expertise. I’ve talked to a few people who said they are going, and I’ll report back when I return next week.

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  • Joyce Heckman February 11, 2009 10.05 am

    Hi Monica!
    Oddly enough, I’m going to be in NYC this weekend, but I don’t think I’m going to the symposium. I found out about it after I bought my tickets, so I’m getting there late on Friday afternoon, and I don’t think I want to attend just one day. Boo. I hope it’s wonderful, and I’ll let you know if anything changes!


  • Monica Sklar February 11, 2009 10.23 am

    Let me know if you change your mind and end up deciding to go. Call my cell. Dr. Eicher will be there as well and we are staying at the same hotel. Have fun in NYC! See you at school.


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