Dissertation Grant Headache

Grants, Grants, Grants. Urgh.

I have spent much of my time the past few days working on a grant proposal to try to drum up some dough for my dissertation. So tonight I slaved over one of the final components, the abstract, and I had to take what is currently about 100 PAGES of writing and condense to a 100 WORDS abstract.

Generally, as you know, abstracts are more like 200+ words, or even longer, so 100 words was a real effort in restraint. PCA/ACA requires (I think) 150 words for their conference submissions, which is tough, but even that final 50 gives you a little more leeway.

So, after going blind staring at the screen trying to magically get multiple words to morph into new single uberwords (and calling in Harlo to help once I finally went blind) this is what I came up with (word count-98-HA!):

Many individuals feel their complete self contains multiple identities. One can align himself with varied identities through manipulation of body, clothing, and accessories as a visual unit; known as the ‘apparel-body-construct’ (DeLong, 1998). ‘Punk’ and ‘worker’ are identities where dress is imbued with meaning and may produce tension when combined. What are punk individuals’ experiences concerning the apparel-body-construct for their workplace environments? Through surveys and interviews the objective is to understand aesthetic processes regarding varied identities. This research increases knowledge about subcultural lived experiences and may be an example of multiplicity in modern dress behaviors and in life.

Copyright 2009 M Sklar

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