So cold I can barely type

While this is not a picture of me it may as well be!

I’ve had to do some edits on my dissertation proposal that are due tomorrow and I was somewhat unmotivated until recently a cold streak hit the Twin Cities and I have barely left the house–leaving me alone with my computer to settle in and get things done.

When I say cold, I mean it people—today’s temp is current -4F and is supposed to get down to -20F tonight with a wind chill of -25F. Yes true, that -20F was before wind chill. Hence, soon I’ll be reporting on all the new dissertation developments as I’m getting a ton done!

I will say my biggest challenge has been narrowing my subject matter, and specifically, figuring out a thematic focus. It’s tough when your topic is broad and there are multiple theories and concepts that apply equally well. Look for my updates soon.

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