Post your rejected abstract on WT??

Over time I would like WT to develop more of an ability to be a place for discussion and promotion of ideas within the field of dress studies. We try, and on some level achieve a lot of the goals I’ve set for the blog, but there are a lot of directions we could go and grow.

So, one idea I’d like to offer up is this:

Have you recently submitted a dress-related abstract to a conference and it was rejected? Do you still think it’s a good piece and really want to share it with others to promote your ideas and promote discussion of the topic? Why not send it to WT and we’ll put the abstract on the blog.* Then people can comment and offer up their thoughts. Of course you’ll be credited, not us.

(*WT does reserve the right not to publish all things that are sent to us )

The reason I said rejected ones is because accepted abstracts obviously will get their day in the sun with a poster, presentation, and possibly published in proceedings. But I know from experience that not everything gets accepted.

Sometimes it is not an indicator of lack of quality, but perhaps it was slightly off-theme for the conference, they had tons of submissions, or even those mysterious political reasons. Other times it is sort of a quality issue but not necessarily about content, it’s just under developed. Using the comments area of WT could serve as a way for people to help you shape your work.

If no one likes this idea that’s fine, we just won’t get any submissions. But, hey, I thought I’d offer it as an option.

Hope to hear from you.

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