Inauguration fashion re-cap

Well it’s been two days since Obama took office and of course it would have been fitting for us here at WT to do a fashion special. But, everyone else was doing one (we even got requests for quotes), not to mention, the next day was my first day of classes (both teaching and taking). So, I skipped it.

We’ve written quite a bit about Obama fashion over the election period–if you type OBAMA into WT’s search engine you’ll find a lot of info about political style, the flag pin issue, Tom’s shoes, and more.

So, I’ll just add two things for this week:

1.) I liked Aretha’s hat. Yeah maybe I’m biased since we’re both Detroiter’s and I used to see her at the grocery store, but still, I thought it was good for the occasion, and even tasteful since it was a gray/green. Perhaps a giant bow in hot pink would have been a bit much anywhere other than a summer wedding, but the neutral color I thought allowed for a little fun in the design. It was a celebration after all! Plus, I almost always applaud a bold style choice over something mundane. Also, although the hat received a lot of jokes and disdain, the designers of the Detroit-made piece received calls from all over the world requesting it immediately.

2.) RUN DC is my new favorite Obama related design item. I haven’t bought one yet, but am seriously considering it as it rocks. I’m not really one for silly t’s, but I fully admit it, it’s clever.

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  • Emily January 23, 2009 09.14 am

    I want one too! I had not seen that particular tee, friend. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been waiting for just the right one, and this might be it.

    And I agree with you on Aretha. So it’s non-conformist and totally over the top. She’s the QUEEN of soul. You want her to start downplaying now? At the most significant inauguration of our time? Fat chance.


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