I passed my oral exam! But almost died….

Ok so the good news is that I passed my prelim oral exam (second time around sort of…long story…the first time in December my topic was too broad and so this was a re-do of sorts in order refine it and split the larger subject into multiple research projects–and I was given only a few weeks to do it). So, this “take II” went fab, and I’m almost all set to hit the public and start researching!

But, the crazy part (as if having to rethink it over a short period of time isn’t mind-numbing enough) is that I got the stomach flu that morning. Bad. Ugly. I rarely get sick, I never get the flu shots as I haven’t had the flu in about ten years. My allergies and asthma as rough, and I’ve got a bad back, but those things are mostly managebale. There is no way to manage the stomach flu. It manages you.

I thought it might be nerves, but honestly the new draft was so reworked and refined that I wasn’t really worried. So, after it sped up instead of slowing down I realized about two hours before the exam this was going to be big trouble. At that point though it was too late, so I emailed the committee, told them to expect the worst but that I’d still show up, and dragged myself into some jeans, an army jacket, and a pony tail, and headed over to school (this is really a business casual-business formal affair and I figured a concert t was my best effort under the circumstances). That is when I proceeded to spend every minute leading up to the exam on the floor of the school building’s bathroom. Yeah, that’s attractive, and so soothing when it comes time to take an incredibly significant exam.

Plus, apparently the room we were in was cold that morning, and so the meeting before us cranked the heat to 85 (!) and shut the door, creating what seemed like a steam room. After we got the temp regulated and my adrenaline started pumping things seemed to be ok for the entire 1.5 hours which was a miracle. I then proceeded to go home and be sick for about 5 days. But, hey, who cares, I’m ABD now!!

Someone else has to have a crazy exam story–let’s hear it–it’ll make me feel better. Although, I’ve got a good sense of humor about my story, since I passed and all. Had I not passed it’d probably be a different mood….

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  • Emily January 29, 2009 05.21 pm

    Congratulations, Monica! Your story is rather harrowing, friend. Goodness!! It made me smile though. You soldiered through. Way to go.

  • Ellen January 30, 2009 09.36 am

    You go girl!


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