Fashion DVD or podcast suggestions?

I’m teaching a two day a week lecture course on an overview of the fashion world which is required for the apparel and retail students, but is also a university-wide elective for social science credit as an “ethics” course. There are about 70 students in a lecture hall.

So, I’m dealing with jobs and the industry, production and sourcing, body image, cultural values, media, etc etc. They’re freshmen and sophmores and it’s at 8:30 am so to keep everyone interested I think a lot of media would be ideal. I’ve got some dvds I’m excited about via digging through Netflix and my own collection, as well as some podcasts I will show weekly, but I wanted any suggestions on other things I could show.

I have seen a million historical documentaries which I adore, but it’s not really biographical/historical class, it is more an introduction to the world of fashion including its ethical complications.

Any thoughts?


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  • Julia January 06, 2009 12.50 pm

    Dunno if this is available on DVD yet, but it looks fascinating:
    (Might be available through more questionable sources…)

  • Monica Sklar January 06, 2009 03.16 pm

    I went to that site and although it looks like the full film isn’t available, there are a lot of ethical fashion short films that I can play from the site which are great Thanx!

  • Worn Through » More Fashion DVDs and podcasts for class
    January 9, 2009 - 5:03 am

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