Through January 4 at the Wenham Museum [Wenham, MA], see how fashion’s attitude toward black has changed. In the nineteenth century, black was mainly associated with mourning; in the twentieth century, it was the favorite color for a party dress. Today black is in vogue for every occasion. View mourning jewelry and accessories for the widow along with flashier adornments for the party girl. Click here for details
(I chose this photo as there wasn’t one on their site-MS)

Through January 11 at the Cincinnati Art Museum [Cincinnati, OH], this exhibit organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum explores the recent explosion of new design in China and attempts to understand the impact of rapid economic development on fashion, architecture, and design in China’s major cities. The fashion and lifestyle that has defined Shanghai, and the aspirations of middle class homeowners that serve as a major design driver will be examined. Works include haute couture by China’s designers Lu Kun and Ma Ke. Click here for details

This info was gathered via the Costume Society of America’s newsletter.

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