Bettie Page Iconic Pinup Died

Yesterday Bettie Page, the pinup whose legacy is beyond all others, passed away in LA from heart problems. Here is her NY Times obit.

There are so many fabulous books, movies,and websites you can check out to learn more about her, or to celebrate her history.

A few to check out are:

The Notorious Bettie Page, a movie by Mary Heron staring Gretchen Mol.

Any of Bunny Yeager‘s pin up photo collections (see Amamzon). There’s something special and different about a woman photographing a woman and embracing sexuality. The photos are truly different than other pin up material.

Here’s a You Tube tribute where you can see a ton of picture set to great ball of Fire. There are also tons of interviews and old films on You Tube of her.

Like many girls in the alt scene, into vintage, and fashion, and with a figure that isn’t made for these times, I spent ten years (1995-2005) trying my hardest to master Bettie’s look. She was an inspiration and a breath of fresh air in the world of the Friend‘s cast and later Paris Hilton. One time at a meet and greet John Waters even went up to me and said “Wow, you look like Bettie Page” which made me just about faint. Having recently dyed my hair back to blue-black, which it hadn’t been in a few years, I realized I just couldn’t stay away too long from the iconic look she created that I want just a little part of for myself. She will be missed.

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