Site(s) Highlight: Two fashion blog networks

Over the past year WT has signed up to be a part of two fashion blog communities and we really think you should check them out!

Independent Fashion Bloggers is a hip and easy-going site that links you to tons of fashion blogs which are not part of the corporate system. There are forums, news highlights, and an archive. It is also a resource on effective blogging tips.

Coutorture is a sophisticated collection of material culled from other blogs as well as their own original content in a magazine style. They highlight blogs (WT multiple times!), have links to numerous fashion sites, and use every resource to get you the fashion information you crave.

Now in all truth, I haven’t seen a big bump in our readership since we’ve joined either of these communities. I’m not sure how many people really scroll through the long list of blog names and click every link. I did once before I started WT to see if anyone was doing anything similar, but now I look to these sites as a news consolidator more than for their links. However, I support the idea of them tremendously and wish they had more in-person events regionally (mostly they’re on the coasts). I’d love to meet more serious fashion bloggers in person. For now, the online connections are great and hopefully more services of this nature will develop to link us together and help us learn from one another.

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