Newsflash-ITAA recap

Well if I missed you at ITAA this year hopefully I will see you at a conference soon. I’m considering CSA, PCA, and ITAA all for next year, as well as a few other smaller ones.

It was was fun and productive conference, although not without a few tweaks that could be made for next year. But overall, for me, things went without a hitch.

Of course being in Schaumburg, Il was absurd and I never made it into the city which was a drag, but some of my Chicago peeps came to me for some fine chain restaurant dining. I know, I know, it’s supposedly cheaper, but I’ve been to conferences within city limits of many major cities, including Chicago, and it was never more expensive than this one was.

Did my presentation on men’s workplace dress-wish I had a better powerpoint but…anyway, got that over with and now it’s under review with CTRJ. I was up for an award and didn’t win, c’est la vie. Saw a few good talks, including one where the student totally used arts based research methods (one of my dissertation topics) which was rad as she made reproductions of historical garments to represent everything she was learning about them, including exactly how they were produced. I also saw a good talk on hip hop (Courtney-I cannot find your email, if you read this, write me!), and of course my UMN friends had some good work represented.

I have no idea how the breakfasts/talks went as they are at an hour I detest mingling at, but, the lunches had good speakers and decent food. Sharron Lennon did a nice state of the art review over lunch reviewing topical trends in research. Looks like avatars are the future. I did have an avatar piece myself on the back burner, still in the brainstorm phase, but if everyone is going in that direction I might either jump start it or let it go (don’t need to reinvent a wheel that may already be in motion).

I attended a pretty strong seminar on landing a job, and got a lot of good information at the career fair about the oceans of available jobs. So many different issues though, teaching schools, research schools, religious schools, assistants or no assistants, research dollars or no research dollars, trips overseas or 5 days a week in the classroom, etc.

Had a good meeting getting things together for my future book…more info on that later

One of my fav parts was the final morning breakfast (it was a little later than 7am so I dragged myself there) and the “town hall-style” meeting gave a forum for suggestions, which provided me a lot more insight into my colleagues and what they are really looking for in an organization and events.

Below are some pictures (I had a bunch more but made the mistake of no flash so they didn’t turn out-Monica):

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  • Lauren November 16, 2008 11.24 am

    That was definittely a great conference and it was great to finally meet you in person, Monica!

  • Emily November 18, 2008 03.54 pm

    I COMPLETELY forgot to ask you about the book, but I love the jacket you’re wearing in these photos. If you ever want to “hand it down”. . . :o)

  • Monica Sklar November 18, 2008 04.46 pm

    The jacket is J Crew and you’ll notice Angelina is wearing an olive one in the photo of her. I have coral and brown, she has navy and olive, and there are a bunch more fab colors. It’s been on and off sale all season and we both get a lot of compliments and do a lot of dress up/dress down so I’d recommend getting it if you like it. It’s a winner. I’m strongly considering the olive color myself.

  • Monica Sklar November 18, 2008 04.46 pm

    Awesome to meet you in person too Lauren!


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