Brad Pitt supports firefighters with tattoos who are being penalized when their ink shows. In a life-threatening job where absolutely no one is thinking about your art, it seems ludicrous to have tattoo dress codes. Click here.

In related news the NYTimes has a piece about the increase of tattoo visibility, and the more obvious locations people are getting them these days.
Click here.

Madonna’s gun-heeled pumps caused recent controversy from people who think Chanel shoes are directly tied to violence. Yeah. Ok. Click here.

The LA Times ran a bunch of Mad Men related pieces about the rise of vintage clothes, how rockin’ Christina Hendricks is, and a great new vintage shoes book. (I should note, I managed a huge vintage store for three years in the mid 90’s, and was obsessed with vintage looks. But after that I was a little burned out on the moth-ball smell, and headed toward Neiman’s Last Call. But, admitedly, I’m swept up in Mad Men mania and am longing for some fabulous vintage duds again. Hence, my recent hair dye back to my late 90’s color of blue-black.-Monica)

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  • Emily November 09, 2008 11.30 am

    You know, I had meant to ask you if your hair was different!! But my focus on the Kahn jeans was too much. . . love the post, and finally, an explanation of BP’s tattoo. He’s a delight.

  • Tara November 24, 2008 06.49 pm

    Those Chanel shoes are amazing. I would wear them in a heartbeat. I can’t believe people have their panties in a bunch over them. People are so ready to be offended by anything.


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