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As it happens, I’ll need a few more weeks to put together that profile I was promising you, on the FIDM collection and its manager. I expect to have it up sometime this month or early next (the looming holiday season is starting to squash me with projects). In the meantime, I decided that a quick few notes about some recently released books would be a good idea.

Influence, by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen has been making the rounds on a number of blogs, and they’ve been doing a good deal of press for it (Oprah, book signings, etc). It’s a series of interviews that the twins did with some of their favorite (and influential) designers. It also includes such tidbits, as the fact that pink is the highest selling color. Scholars Point of View: Might have some interesting quotes from important designers.

Lucien Lelong, is the first book devoted to the designer and I would venture to say that it is would be an important addition to any fashion scholar’s library. Thames & Hudson produces good books, with high quality reproductions and solid research. I would expect nothing less from this volume. The book was just released at the end of October, so its hot off the presses. Being a scholar of the 1920s and 1930s, this is an extremely valuable and timely resource. It includes a plethory of black and white (with some color) images by the likes of Horst, Beaton, Hoyningen Huene, Man Ray, and Lee Miller, making it well worth the $30 price tag. Scholars Point of View: A must have. I’m adding it to my Holiday wish list. For examples of Lucien Lelong’s work in the Costume Institute, go here. Until Next Time, Heather Heather is a contributor to the newly released The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing through American History, 1900 to the Present

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