Well it may not be that big of a deal, but, I’m going to toot my own horn and say that my research team got nominated for best paper in the social/psychological track for the International Textile and Apparel Association annual meeting which is in November. The paper is called Men at Work (we’ve got a subtitle about “identity” but it keeps changing and I cannot remember our final decision as I write this).

I’m mostly excited because we finally finished the paper today (at least I hope) after a year of chipping away at it. The authors are Minjeong Kang, me, and Kim Johnson and the topic is Young Men’s Dress for the Workplace. It started last year as a term research project Minjeong and I did for Kim’s class, and since it turned out quite interesting we refined it into a manuscript as well as submitted it for oral presentation at the conference.

We submit the paper for the award selction in two weeks, and will find out at the conference I think. Even if we don’t win I don’t really care, like the Oscars, I’m just happy to be nominated, particularly on something we’ve been slaving away on for a while.

After the conference a short version will be published in the proceedings and I will post the link here on WT for you to read should you choose. I honestly think we had some good findings and it’s a pretty decent read regarding why young men make the choices they do about workplace dress and what is driving their decisions. Again tooting my own horn though…But I’m just excited about the project!

Wish me luck!

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