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Last week’s Newsflash was all about politics as well, but I’d be remiss to not give some WT space to this Palin wardrobe issue of this week.

This is especially true since the presentation I’m doing at this year’s ITAA is about workplace identity, impression management, and specifically symbolic self completion. The latter theory refers to one who fills the voids in their identity through stuff. In the workplace that often means luxury stuff.

My disseration is also on workplace dress, as I’m discussing how people use aesthetics strategically to shape their work and nonwork identities which may be quite different. I’m polling punks in mainstream workplaces, but we could easily chat about Sarah Palin for either of these issues.

I’ll skip my original intent of listing a bunch of academic references about the above named theories as well as ideas about workplace dress. However, if you’d like some info in those areas let me know and I’ll send them to you. There’s been so much media coverage, both sad, disgusting, and out right hilarious this week and in an effort to not rehash I’ll simply direct you toward it.

Today’s NY Times article about the highest paid staffer on Palin’s team is her make up artist.

Jezebel has a strong round up of links on the subject from a few days back and a few fun news ones such as a piece featuring the SNL costumer’s take on things and a discussion of wardrobe styling from WWD.

On the contrary, HuffPo had a piece about the Obama’s dressing on a budget.

SheFinds had a fun peice about how Palin could learn to budget shop even at Neimans.

Finally a piece from the Star Tribune, here in my city of of residence, Minneapolis, where Palin had her giant Neimans shopping spree. The piece is light hearted about how tough it is to actially spend $75k even at a luxury goods store.

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