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Yesterday I was in J Crew trying to find something to wear to ITAA and to grow my teaching wardrobe for next semester (I’m teaching an Intro to Consumers type class) and it turns out that J Crew has a 15% discount for students and teachers if you just show your school ID at checkout. It was 10% and recently they increased it to 15%, and are trying to let people know. Now, you know I rarely use this site for advertising, but, that’s pretty cool and we all know that a person on an academic salary can use the discount! Plus, they’ll put the academic discount on top of sale prices so it really makes things quite cheap. (So I bought the blazer above in brown and in hot pink)

So I hunted around briefly on Google and found that it’s possible that Pier One and Armani Exchange have similar programs. I’ve found conflicting reports online, so you might have to check it out for yourself. Now in the UK, it looks like there are a lot more places doing it, but here in the US J Crew was the best one I’ve found. Anyone know of anywhere else that does that? (beyond bookstores which I know about)


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  • Leigh October 02, 2008 04.34 pm

    J.Crew’s student discount has been going on for a while now. They recently introduced the teacher discount and then this summer, they upgraded both discounts from 10% to 15%. While I do enjoy the discount, I also noticed their prices went up, too. So the discount doesn’t really help that much.


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