The Pirates at Treasure Island

I don’t normally do any kind of street fashion posts, but I did go to the Treasure Island Music Festival this past weekend and found taking photos of the ‘hip kids’ rather addictive. For the play-by-play of the music as it happened, please visit my friend (of a friend)’s blog at The Bay Bridged. Personally my favorite band was Vampire Weekend.

The high school set was fond of imitating the ‘headband wearing girl’ on Gossip Girl (news to me) mixed with nerd chic (see the glasses in the above shot). All ages and genders were wearing scarves, leggings, colorful tights, tight purple pants and black and white patterns (on shoes, bags, shirts, etc – but that could be related to the pirate theme of the festival). 1970s era tan leather also seemed to be a hit with Hipster 1.0 (aka 30+ set) in the form of dresses, jackets, pants and boots.

Screenprinting by San Franphsycho

Screen printing by San Franphsycho

The festival itself was incredibly DIY, complete with booths of hand-screen printed scarves and T-shirts (there were several that would print the item while you waited: see San Franpsycho). An art gallery, a indy zine lounge, graffiti wall (live), mobile salon, a face painter and a variety of other interesting vendors abounded. Vividot, had cute fabric covered button accessories and a huge number of screen printers presented the ever-popular graphic T-shirt, now almost an icon in San Francisco fashion, (see Deadbeatsister, Willotoons). A smattering of these folks have work at Etsy, including Kate Durkin.

From artist Mary Corey March

From artist Mary Corey March

Artist Mary Corey March had one of the most interesting pieces in the art gallery, utilizing hand-dyed yarn to connect people to statements they felt described them to create a very large piece of art (see her website for the entire piece. Flyer’s abounded, and I picked up one for the next Gen Art Fresh Faces fashion show in San Francisco. The free bio-diesel bus that transported festival-goers from San Francisco to the Island was a real treat, affording great views of San Francisco’s major landmarks (Koit Tower and Treasure Island).

For the complete photo set, please visit my flicker. Here is a brief sampling:

Some black and white print:

Early 1990s :

Typical San Francisco (ah la 1970s):

Just plain hip:

Hypermodern (think Tron):

DIY details (perhaps an advertisement):

DIY Pirates (an apparent mixture of Victorian steampunk and theatrical costume paired with 1940s shoes):

What’s happening in high schools (headbands, early 1990s pastel, big sunglasses and skinny jeans):

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  • Gabriel September 22, 2008 12.15 pm

    Sorry, but Vampire Weekend is vastly overrated. The two best sets of the day were from Fleet Foxes (whose set was attended by Jack White) and The Dodos. The Dodos were mesmerizing. The Festival was done at that point, because no one was going to top their set.

  • Heather September 22, 2008 02.53 pm

    Guess I was a bit distracted by what was off-stage to fully appreciate the Dodos. I’ll have to give them another try. I saw some photos at The Bay Bridged blog from Goldfrapp’s set on Saturday: One Word, Ribbony


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