Project Runway Musical Misstep

Just quick note on all the things wrong with this week’s Project Runway.

it should be acknowledged that I am a huge and loyal fan of the show, never missing a minute, and even trying to somewhat keep up with the contestents post-show. But this week’s was by far the worst episode in the show’s tenure for a few reasons.

First, the Punk look which won was for the most part awful–yes, I know, I’m writing tons of term papers, my dissertation, and soon a book on punk fashion but still—it was a cartoon, not a legitimate representation. To have L.L. Cool J say it was right on the money was misguided and not his style so how would he know.

Which leads me to the second issue: why have a partial judge who comes from one of the represented discilpines? They should have had a fashion editor from Rolling Stone or a wardrobe stylist or John Varvatos or someone of the like who spans genres.

Third, it was vastly confusing whether these were supposed to be performace looks, costumes, everyday wear, etc etc. They were talking lots about ramping it up, and yet, the few who did made Halloween costumes and the few who didn’t made mall versions of the style which actually, is probably the majority of wearers of many of those genre’s aesthetics. Was this supposed to be a performer or a fan or someone for who the genre is a lifestyle?

So all in all, I thought Pop should have won, that Rock really wasn’t bad or boring and represents what people actually wear much more legitimately than some others, and that Hip Hop looked like a lot of girls I see shopping at Express while chomping on gum and listing to Beyonce. So granted not someone deep in the scene, but yes, the mainstream version of Hip Hop influence, and just as misunderstood as the Punk look.

Urgh. Disappointing. Hopefully next week is better as it’ll lead to the Bryant Park 3.


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