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Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame is hooking up with maternity designers to create a line of maternity wear. Click here to read more.

Two Coco Chanel movies are in the works right now. First is the Shirley MacLaine TV miniseries for Lifetime simply called Coco Chanel which is completed and will air staring Sept. 13. The second one is a called Coco Avant Chanel and is a feature staring Audrey Tatou (of Amelie fame–melt my heart)

Riitta Immonen who founded the iconic and hip again clothing and textile textile company Marimekko died last week at age 90. Click here for more details. Thomas Bata “shoemaker to the world” also died this past week at age 93. The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto was founded by his family. Click here for more details.

The RNC had some fashion events which weren’t quite the Obama Vogue dinner of weeks ago, and instead were about how to wear Zubaz and the like. Click here for detatils or click here for another piece. Personally, the popular RNC ensemble that made the biggest impact on me this week was one of the more common sights, a quite fetching style seen on just about everyone every where you look, seemingly the “little black dress” of the convention if you will:


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