Below are some dress related exhibitions. This info was gathered from the Costume Society of America.

Through November 2 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art [Indianapolis, IN],
this exhibit will highlight Roy Halston Frowick’s career. Halston began his
career as a milliner and later designed the hat Jacqueline Kennedy wore at
her husband’s inauguration in 1961. A master of cut, he was a favorite of
many celebrities and designed clothes for Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli,
Anjelica Houston and Lauren Bacall, among others.
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ART DECO: 1910 – 1939
Through October 5 at the National Gallery of Victoria [Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia], this exhibit comprises 300+ works and covers artistic media from
painting, photography, fashion, film, architecture and jewelry. Spanning the
boom of the roaring 1920s and the Depression-ridden 1930s, Art Deco came to
epitomize all the glamour, opulence and hedonism of the Jazz age. The new
aesthetics were also found in industrial design, furniture, transport,
communications and in household items.
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Through 2010 at the Nashua Historical Society [Nashua, NH], this exhibit,
representing a 100-year period of millinery history with about 50 hats,
ornate hat pins, tortoise shell combs, hat boxes, delicate gloves and even
charming little doll hats once adored by Nashua children of generations gone
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