Costume and Theater Jobs in CT

The following three jobs are in Connecticut at the Long Wharf Theater

Job Title: Cutter/Draper/Tailor

Responsibilities: Patterning and cutting costumes, attending fittings and technical rehearsals, directing garment assembly, and estimating yardage for built costumes; possibly stitching, craftwork, and shop maintenance.
Skills Required: 5+ years of professional experience in draping, flat patterning, and tailoring. Must be organized and hard-working, possess leadership qualities and the ability to work under pressure with varied personalities. Some evenings/weekends may be required. Must be able to lift 25lbs. and climb stairs.

Job Title: Costume Design Assistant

Responsibilities: Assisting designer in all aspects of the build; serving as the design liaison between staff and designer; local, Internet, and out of town shopping; creation and maintenance of all show paperwork; attending fittings and technical rehearsals; possibly stitching, shop maintenance. 
Skills Required: 3+ years of experience. Must be an experienced crafts person and possess excellent period style knowledge. Strong organizational and computer skills are necessary; as well as being able to work under pressure with varied personalities. Driver’s License required; must be able to climb stairs, and lift 25 pounds. 

Job Title: Wardrobe Super

Responsibilities: Organizing and tracking costume pieces; maintenance of costumes, wigs, and wardrobe area; assisting actors; light repairs on costumes during run. Some stitching, shop maintenance, additional crew work assigned by the Stage Supervisor.
Skills Required: 3+ years of professional experience. Mostly evening/weekend position, some days required for matinees/work calls. Must be organized and work well under pressure with varied personalities. Extensive wig and hair experience preferred. Driver’s License required; must be able to lift 50 pounds and climb stairs.

To apply:
Send letter, resume & references to: LWT-HR, 222 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511 Fax: 203-776-2287 or click here to email.

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  • Tina March 12, 2009 10.20 am

    Iam searching for job as costume designer for theater.
    My name is Leposavic Tina .I am from Serbia.
    I work as freelance costume designer.


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