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This is an arts conference which seems that it might have successful overlap with dress and design studies.

CALL FOR PAPERS-AAH Conference 2009

The 35th AAH conference will be held at the Manchester Metropolitan University April 2-4, 2009. It will focus on the intersections (connections, linkages, overlaps) of art history with different disciplinary, methodological, political and historical spaces. Three areas of intersection might be identified: between areas of convention and innovation within the discipline; between art history and its adjacent fields of inquiry, display and production; and between the subjects and objects of interpretative and historical practice. In this light, intersections can be understood as the convergence, however temporary or in-process, of art history’s divergent values and practices.

Within the discipline, areas of intersection may encompass: the descriptive, interrogative, ethical, pedagogical and critical elements of art historical practice. Between art history and its adjacent fields lie the margins, overlaps and divisions that notions of intersectionality are able to highlight. Interactions with visual processes and practitioners invoke social worlds, individuals, performative and public spaces. The AAH09 conference will provide a platform for the interrogation and exploration of these and other intersections that define and challenge art history.

It is hoped that the sessions will attract participants from across disciplines and art practices to fully open up debates and explorations of art history as a discipline of intersections.

Deadline for submission is November 10, 2008.

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