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Since Mondays are the day Worn Through posts about conference and calls for papers etc., I figured I’d let you know my upcoming conference schedule in case anyone is going and would like to meet up.

First, October 10, 7-9pm at the University of Minnesota, I’ll be presenting our research findings on black leather jackets, fashion, and popular culture at a symposium that corresponds with the exhibit From Sportswear to Streetwear: American Innovation. That research was done on a team with Marilyn DeLong and Kelly Gage and I think I’m calling the presentation Biker Chic: From Renegade to Runway. The keynote address at the symposium will be from from Dr. Patricia Campbell Warner, Professor emerita, history of dress, Department of Theater, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Warner is the author of When the Girls Came Out to Play: The Birth of American Sportswear. Other speakers will include Apparel Studies graduate students Kelly Gage and Erin Jedlicka who participated in curating the exhibit as well as Apparel Studies graduate student Joyce Heckman. Additionally, the symposium will kick-off a weekend-long course (optionally available for credit) with Patricia Warner on sportswear.

My next conference presentation this Fall will be at the International Textile and Apparel Association annual meeting in Schaumburg, Il Novermber, 5-8 (I don’t have the exact date we’re speaking yet). That topic is a project I did with Apparel Studies graduate student Minjeong Kang entitled Men at Work: Fashioning Identity which, as the title suggests, is about men’s workplace dress in modern society. It turned out to be a really interesting subject as men’s valuation of workplace dress has changed considerably in recent years and their related impressions and consumption follow suit (no pun intended-but I left it ’cause I got a kick out of it).

Drop me a line if you’ll be at either location. Hope to see you there!

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