Sharing slides – Would You?

Through the blog Dress A Day I discovered Slide Share, a program that allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations and share them with others. I think this is a great way for academics to share their research, and for independent historians such as myself – a great way to show potential employers some of your work. Of course this does bring up many questions relating to copyright, intellectual property, etc. That said, the site allows you to watch the slide shows in full screen, leave comments, and offers a plethora of other useful tools and tricks.

I’ve only posted a few lectures thus far (here’s a few examples):

In honor of Dress A Day‘s obsession with shirtwaist dresses, I’m including this example as well.

For more, please check out my Slide Share page (and feel free to leave your comments).

I’d love to know if others out there are using this program (and how). Some of the other slideshows I’ve found on the site include:

Aside from history, I noticed a lot of slideshows on specific trends (especially ‘Top 10’ sorts of slide presentations, people on the street, and fashion marketing and branding). I wonder, are professors starting to use the site for online courses? Are students using the site to look at slides from classes they’ve missed?

I am also planning to do a string of book reviews over the next several weeks – there are quite a few new books out (just in time for the start of the academic year), that many will want to hear about.

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  • Pim August 11, 2008 06.05 am

    Its so funny to see my Fashion illustration (i made for my fashion students) slide here.
    Like your blog.
    Greetings from the Netherlands


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