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Since this week is the DNC it seemed fitting to skip the Thursday exhibits review I’d be writing right now and instead spend my time going through some of the myriad of Obama related fashion news which has come my way via my own searching and the oceans of stuff people have been sending me. Below is a sampling.

Treehugger featured an array of Obama organic cotton t-shirts that certianly have a lot of personality.

Fashionista did a piece about the Obama tshirts and totebags for sale on his website designed by the likes of fashion stars Diane von Furstenberg and Tracy Reese among others.

Obama has a fashion themed fundraiser happening on Sept. 9 (they’ve had others too including a dinner for Michelle sponsored by Vogue) and unfortunately received a little bad press for misspelling Anna Wintour’s name as Ann on the invite.
Regardless, Wintour and Andre Leon Talley are getting press for gathering up tons of cash for the campaign.

Michelle is turning into a fashion icon as constsntly there are articles about her style. All the sites from entertainment to political are talking about what she’ll wear to the convention and there have been tons of pieces about her fav designer in Chicago, Maria Pinto who designed her fabulous purple dress from the St. Paul rally as well as many other of Michelle’s classic looks. You can see lots more pictures of that dress and many other fun fashion images from the rally from my own coverage earlier this summer on Worn Through. On that page I’ve got a bunch of pictures of fun tshirts I saw that night.

Finally, I’m glad all that lame debate over Obama’s wearing or not wearing of a flag pin seems to be dying down, but you might want to look back at my comments on that issue from a while back. I’ve also got an older piece on some of the other merch available on his site which appeals to a younger constiuency with baby doll tshirts and the like. At the time the press was talking about how the merch of candidates reflected their overall image which seems obvious, not nonetheless interesting.

I’ll keep you updated as I gather more Obama fashion related info. This year many academics in fashion will be starting to gather at the ITAA conference in Illinois (of all places) on election night for a conference that begins the next day. I’m sure the dinner talk will certainly turn to the relevance of design in the campaign. I’ll let you know…-Monica

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