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Phillip Treacey designs a hat for breast cancer awareness. It will be available only at Selfridges.
Click here for more details.

Target has announced that it is doing these temp locations in NYC they’re calling Bullseye Bodegas. They will feature 22 of Target’s celeb designer collaborations available in NYC for a brief time. This is cool, and I’m glad it will be available in a way which highlights the well designed cheap goods, but there is something humorous coming from the midwest, where Targets and the like are abundant, and now straight from Minneapolis, where Targets are literally on every block (including the one my house is on) and practically everyone in design age 20-40 does now or formerly has worked with or for Target in some way. Sometimes it’s sort of amusing to read an NYC perspective on the world which doesn’t include strip malls and supercenters of endless Target type places. I lived in NYC for a while and remember when Kmart was opening in the Village and how everyone went mad over it. I can only imagine the mood over the Target Bodegas. Good to see the coasts salivating over whats happening in the midwest.

Bust magazine profiles women who are making plus size vintage clothes more available. They are searching all over for the hard to find items and starting businesses specifically focused on that market. The three people they profile have online locations for selling their awesome finds. Re/Dress and Elisa’s Bodacious House of Style (see image) and Fat Fancy.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is in Cleveland, OH has branched out to have an annex in NYC. Click here for more details. Personally this seems like a bad idea to me….Monica (pictured is the original location)

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