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In Metro Detroit a fashion designer is creating lines of fashion-forward gowns aimed toward the interest of tradition-conscious Arab Americans. She said, “My culture,” she says, “is embedded in my designs. I get inspired by who I am.” and “I really think there’s a niche out there for what I have. I want to create something that’s different, that’s unique.”

MoveOn in partnership with Shepard Fairey and his Obey Giant collective, is spearheading an art project for the Obama campaign. Anyone is invited to submit 2D or 3D art for the project called Manifest Hope which will display the best pieces at a gallery at the Deocratic National Convnetion in Denver. Click here for details.

This is a little old news but…the Texas polygamist group that is in legal trouble turned to selling their plain-style garments on the web for money. “We don’t know what to expect on demand, but we have a flood of interest,” Maggie Jessop, a member of the sect. Click here for details.

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