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Vogue featured a piece about how famed artist Damien Hirst invested buckets of money in what he thought were real vintage punk garments from the UK stores Sex and Seditionaries which he wanted to exhibit. Unfortunately the clothes were deemed fakes, or reproductions, by the stores’ proprietor Malcolm McLaren himself. Beyond noting that the stitching and other details were wrong, McLaren pointed out that the volume of clothes Hirst bought was the biggest giveaway as there simply weren’t that many original pieces. Click here for more details.

The BBC did a piece on dress codes featuring descriptions of many recent cases primarily focusing on the controversial and complicated issue of religious expression in schools. Click here for more details.

The Minnesota Opera Center will host an event/talk entitled Han Feng-Costume: From Classic Puccini to Contemporary Tan on Sept. 15 at 6:30pm. The acclaimed opera costume designer will discuss her work. Click here to email for more details.

Yves Saint Laurent‘s personal art collection will be auctioned off at Christie’s early next year with some of the proceeds benefiting the late designer’s foundation. Click here for more details.

Finally, a pair of 1890s Levi’s went up on eBay and were sold for over $25,000 this week. Wow! Appearently they were found in a mine in California. Click here for more details.

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