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As this new school year begins I’m like a little kid with maps and my lunchbox nervously getting acquainted to my new digs. I’ve completed my two year contract with the Goldstein Museum of Design and this year I will be a Teaching Assistant.

The nervous part is because in the fall I’m TA’ing two sections of the introductory textile lab, and although I’ve had oceans of textile courses both undergrad and grad level, and yes, I did my master’s thesis on smart textiles, most of my personal interest has been in consumption and societal values, not the mechanics of the fibers. Therefore, yesterday when I was getting the bunsen burners ready I got a bit of a cold sweat thinking about being responsible for this material (and the potential fire hazard of disinterested college-aged people doing this early in the morning with no food or drink (i.e. no coffee) allowed in the lab). But, I adore my new co-workers so I think this should be a good experience.

In the spring I’m both lead teacher (still a TA position) and my own TA (grading) for an introductory consumers class of about 80 students. I’ve taught numerous semesters before, as first a TA and then as adjunct faculty for a few years, but it was topping out at about 35 students, so a big lecture auditorium should be a change of pace. I’ll let you know how this goes.

Wish me luck on the new school year!

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  • Jenne August 30, 2008 11.07 am

    Good luck, Monica!

    Wow-I just discovered your blog today and am just bowled over by it 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise!!

    Best wishes for the new school year,



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