Fabric Society Internship (San Francisco)

Fabrics by Ambatalia

Fabrics by Ambatalia

According to Craft Magazine‘s blog, Ambatalia Fabrics / The Fabric Society is looking for interns in their Mill Valley shop (in San Francisco)

The goal of our residency program is to bridge relationships between fashion, textile, and art and act as a forum for designers to think-tank their creations through an ecological perspective. The residency program allows a team of artists/designers to take over the space for a small period of time, create a collection of products for the store using our fabrics, host a series of workshops, and showcase their work with an art opening. The residency program not only encourages dialogue between students and designers, but also educates youth and the larger community about the inherent interconnectedness of human and natural life and its role in the textile industry.
We are interested in supporting and encouraging the creative development and use of sustainable materials in the artists work as well as providing a forum for educating students about the role of sustainability in the textile industry. Interns are presented the opportunity to create small collections from our fabric scraps for the shop and to teach workshops in their field of interest.

In partnering with artists and designers we hope to form a space that is dedicated to supporting the use of sustainable textiles, traditional techniques and dye methods, and the creative evolution of the artists work. Please contact Ashley Helvey if you are interested in collaborating.

Please contact:
Ashley Helvey
310 344 3561

More information is also available at http://ambataliafabrics.com/

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