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This week I co-hosted a successful clothing swap with my book club gals in honor of my July selection, Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan. Today I popped in to the Goldstein to work with a friend on a project, and she was already wearing one of her swap finds (one of my old shirts actually) expertly re-configured into a sleek workplace ensemble in a way I had never thought to wear the somewhat mundane brown polo. Anyway, no sooner do I get home from visiting her and relishing the joys of this week’s swap, to find that the Huffington Post has linked to Worn Through as a reference regarding the history of clothing swaps.

We at WT are really excited for the timely reference from such a significant media outlet, and the reference is now being bounced around the web as people chat about how 1960s former supermodel Twiggy is starting her 3-part TV series on swaps, and of course, how clothing swaps are a great way to refresh your closet when financial times are tough.

So props to Heather for writing a thorough piece that got big notice and I’m going right now to look through the bag of swapped clothes I scored to pick something to wear tomorrow as I’m feeling very inspired.


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