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Newsweek featured an article about the policies in Flint, Michigan for the police to start arresting people whose pants sag in a way that represents “immoral self-expression.” Depending on whether the person was wearing underwear the sagger can be punished with 93 days to a year in jail and up to $500.

July’s Italian Vogue features only black models in an effort to address the issue of low visibility of black models in the fashion industry. It’s so bad that Diane von Furstenburg, head of the Council of Fashion Designers of America actually sent out an email before fashion week reminding participants to be “mindful of diversity.” Jezebel has many of the pictures on their site.

Hadassah Magazine for June/July discussed the growing fashion industry in Tel Aviv and the increase in designers and boutiques which are beginning to have an international influence.

The NY Times had a recent article about Jews with tattoos and the urban legend that they are breaking Jewish laws and won’t be able to be buried in a Jewish cemetary. The article features quotes from Andy Abrams whose documentary Tattoo Jew which he spent five years working on. (Note-I spoke with Andy a few years about doing an art exhibit of still from the film as well as showing it at the gallery I worked at and he was a real peach. However, the idea was quickly shot down by my board and the management of my institution as the gallery was part of a JCC and those individuals in charge believed the urban legend and didn’t really like anything that strayed too far from the ‘norm’ in any manner-Monica).

This one is a little late but…May’s Esquire Magazine had a light-hearted piece that albeit brief had some interesting thoughts on the lack of attention being placed on current musicians physical appearance. (Long ago I wrote my Bachelor’s capstone thesis about the effect of female music performers’ appearance on their career success and if I were to revisit the topic in the IPod era I’m sure a selection of my conclusions would have changed-Monica).

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