Molly Ringwald: Fashion Icon


As a person who has (I kid you not) TWO Molly Ringwald-related art pieces in my smallish duplex, I was thrilled to read a delightful article in the LA Times a few days back on her and her character’s fashion influence. Of course it stemmed from the ongoing attempts to recapture 80s style through what are some pretty gnarly current trends. I appreciated its length and the fact that it had good coverage on a subject that clearly isn’t for the largest of audiences.

Now if you’ve read this far and you’re thinking to yourself: “What kind of Molly Ringwald-related art could Monica possibly have, let alone two pieces?” I will tell you:

First is a framed vintage poster from Pretty in Pink, my all-time favorite movie.

Second, Molly is one of five custom-made, full-body designs of The Breakfast Club characters by the artist Plasticgod. I had him make them quite a few years ago, and he was great and did a fantastic job, later turning them into a limited edition that may still be available (I’m not sure if they are sold out). If you are unfamiliar with his work, check him out as he does a lot of pieces of icons of pop culture, design, and fashion.

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