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My friend Wendy Case (of the awesome band the Paybacks) recently wrote a piece for Moli about a Midland, Michigan couture and costume designer named Kristine Fergusson who is reaping the rewards of the recent change in Michigan taxes that now encourage large studio films to come to the Motor City. She says in the article that her phone has been rining nonstop regarding design offers.

On our recent trip home to Michigan, quite a few of our friends were discussing this trend-as Drew Barrymore and Sigourney Weaver have been hanging around town (not together) and a friend of a friend’s house in my neighborhood is being turned into Michael Cera‘s bungalow for “Youth in Revolt“, since obviously the real thing is way better than any set.

Finally people are figuring this out as we all still flinch at the Temptations movie being filmed in Philly instead of in Detroit. I’m glad to hear this is having a trickle down effect to people in dress and costume, as I worked for years as a stylist, and always thought Michigan had a lot to offer the film industry. Our music industry flourishes and yet fashion and film struggle, even though there is so much natural overlap.

I remember about ten years ago when Hollywood came knocking last time, and bought up almost the entire storage contents of the vintage store I was working at. We shipped endless boxes to the set of Mystery Men, the horrible Ben Stiller superhero comedy. It was fun to see 1970s pieces I had selected up on the big screen, and I did get to visit the costume designer and the clothes in L.A., but the whole thing was very brief and I think that relationship lasted as long as that movie was in the theaters (i.e. about a second).

Anyway, this time around things are looking good for Michigan and film, even though I hear that the incentives may change again and things may dry up. Let’s hope not, since in the exhausted Detroit economic situation, it’s thrilling to know people in dress and the arts are getting a little positive attention and national work.

Here’s a link to a blog about Michigan and film making. And, here is a link to the Michigan Film Office as there are some jobs listed there, including for Drew‘s new flick.-Monica bilde.jpeg

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