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As readers know, I’m a huge fan of an off-beat look, and I love when anyone takes the time to write a book or article, or make a documentary about the people who push fashion’s boundaries. Hence, as it’s my month to choose the book for my book club, I’ve got everyone reading Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan.

In a recent NY Times Magazine they did a profile on Daphne Guinness and her short film “The Phenomenology on Body.” While the article didn’t have big cheers for the film, and it’s likely most of us will never see it, the piece did showcase Guinness’s sense of style with applause or at least support, rather than sarcasm which some writers would have chosen. Sure it talks about the men in her life and her vast fortune, but I found it a little striking that it shifts from using words like ‘eccentric’ to using words like ‘beautiful.’ Granted it’s the NY Times, and it’s written by Guy Trebay, so it’s more likely to champion her style than a more conservative outlet, but in this time of mass marketed fast fashion, I appreciate even a blurb that highlights the well crafted look of someone left of center.

Guinness was featured a short while back in an interesting documentary for BBC/PBS about the few remaining people who actively purchase couture. It’s called The Secret World of Haute Couture. (I’ve also seen it called ‘hidden’ instead of ‘secret).

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