Exhibits! Exhibits!

Below are a couple of exhibits to check out which I found out about via the Costume Society of America.


Design Trends in Sophisticated Clothes –Couture Ensembles by Pierre Cardin, 1964 – 2002
Through October 31 at the Preservation Society of Newport County (Rhode Island). The exhibit will display loyal client Diane Vernes Brown’s custom-fitted creations, forming a comprehensive overview of Cardin’s designs. Comprising evening dresses, cocktail dresses, suits, coats and accessories, the collection ranges widely in style and line, while retaining the precise tailoring, brilliant colors and luxurious materials for which Cardin became celebrated. Click here for details.


HEADDRESSES, HELMETS, HATS: HEADWEAR FROM AROUND THE WORLD-Through October 5 at Radius Gallery [Lakewood, CO], this exhibit includes 225+ headpieces from Dr. BEVERLY CHICO’s [Southwestern Region] collection, made from a variety of materials including yak hair, straw, wool, metals, plastics, silks and felts, and representing 100+ countries and cultures. Beverly will give a behind-the-scenes tour for attendees of CSA Southwestern Region’s meeting in Denver on August 2. Email for details. or check out the website. There will be a later, related lecture, “From Birth to Burial: Ethnic Expressions of Religious Headwear” which examines 14 cultures of Asia, Middle East and Europe represented by headwear traditions brought to the U.S. and worn during life-cycle rituals, on September 26, 6:30 – 7:30PM.

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