Below are a few exhibits to check out which I found out about via the Costume Society of America.


Reveal or Conceal?-Through January 18, 2009 at the McCord Museum (Quebec, Montreal).This exhibit looks at how revealing a woman’s body has always been as much a part of Western fashion as concealing it. In spite of or because of their impact, shocking and tantalizing styles, like knee-length skirts in the 1920s, hot pants in 1971, and exposed thongs today, have become mainstream. 200+ objects illustrate how with each decade of the past century, clothing revealed more of the female body, and how the female body is contested terrain for changing social attitudes and practices. Click here for details.


Iris Apfel: Rare Bird of Fashion-Through September 7 at the Nassau County Museum of Art (New York).This exhibit reflects Iris Apfel’s adventures in bazaars, thrift shops, souks, flea markets, houses of haute couture and handicraft workshops that have created a singular look – one marked by fantasy, exuberance, exoticism and whimsy. Her originality is revealed in her mixing of high and low fashion. With remarkable panache and discernment, she fearlessly combines colors, textures and patterns without regard to period, provenance, and, ultimately, aesthetic conventions. Click here for details.

Indigo-Through August at The Textile Museum (Washington, DC).This exhibit presents a comprehensive, cross-cultural exploration of indigo dyeing traditions worldwide. On display are indigo-dyed objects ranging from William Morris chintzes, West African adire cloths, and Chinese dragon robes to blue jeans, couture fashions, and installations by internationally renowned artists from Europe and Japan. Indigo tells a fascinating story that touches on trade and empire, botany and chemistry, medicine and folklore, and the history of textiles, both elite and everyday. Click here for details.

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