Do you want some textbooks?

Do you want textbooks I’ve used for teaching?

If so, Email me.
I’ve been doing some cleaning out of my basement and have two fashion and design textbooks that I don’t need anymore. I go through waves of actively doing eBay, but I think these two might be better served if I just offer them up via Worn Through to prosepective takers in the continental U.S. If you want to email me and work out a paypal payment for the cost of shipping, I’ll send them your way. Based on USPS pricing, and their weight, it looks like I can send them media mail for about $3.28, so plus the envelope, packaging, etc. let’s call it $5 even. But, in order to keep this cheap, I won’t send out of the U.S. unless you want to pay the additional shipping. I’m not looking to profit on these, just get them out of the already cluttered basement, and I’d hate to toss them since they’re good materials.-Monica

They are listed below:


Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising (2nd Ed.) by Judith Bell and Kate Ternus. Hardcover, spiral bound. They have since come out with another edition but there were very few changes so this one is still good. Fabulous book I’ve used not just for class.


The Business of Fashion: Designing, Manufacturing, and Marketing (2nd Ed.) by Leslie Davis Burns and Nancy O. Bryant. Hardcover.

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